Saturday, April 9, 2011

The New Civil War?


Jesse is really good at this stuff.  "State's Rights?  Or a more perfect union?"  And of course, the Jackwagon on MSNBC doesn't challenge that comparison.  I believe we will be a "a more perfect union" when government is smaller on all levels and when government adheres to the original intent of the Constitution.

Jesse wants more jobs.  I think we all want more jobs, but the Obama administration has done nothing that has been historically shown to create new jobs.  We remain mired in a sluggish economy at the whim of those who supply our needs when we should be developing our own resources and exports.  But don't confuse Jesse with the facts.

I understand the Tenth Amendment is de facto repealed since the Civil War, but in reality it still exists in the Constitution.  If Lefties like Jesse want to repeal it, they can go through the amendment process.  The states still retain the rights not afforded the federal government and they are choosing to exercise those rights.  It will not result in a return to Jim Crow.  It will not result in segregation, a loss of (real, not "made up) women's rights.  What it might result in are better schools, more people working, fewer people enslaved to the dole and less opportunity for  the Federal Government to enter into ill-advised war.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Deekaman. Few things are more irritating than the "argument" that the issue of states' rights was "settled" by the Civil War. If force settles issues of justice, we might as well dispense with the Constitution all together and descend into a Hobbesian war "of all against all."

    Wars may be fought to uphold standards of justice and right; But they do not (and cannot) create standards of justice and right.