Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is Where We Must Head

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I Will, I Am

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Ever since I wrote The Constitutionalist and recognized that most of our liberties had been given over by the Supreme Court to the legislature, I have tried to figure out a way to regain them. At times that has not been understood to be a peaceful means. What power has any government relinquished just because it was right?

Shortly after writing the book the Tea Party began to take shape and build influence. I realized that most of what I thought needed to happen could be done through the Tea Party. But, I have never joined a real Tea Party. I am a member on some of the websites, but I attend no particular meeting. I go to a number of events and have attended meetings of a number of different organizations, often as a speaker. Yet, I have not taken part. The reason is I have never quite believed that they would accomplish the task. They were too timid of conflict and conflict is the only means of securing power that has been taken away.

I am not content to sit by and watch the continued destruction of liberty in this nation. It is time for action. We must, as a people, understand that there is no vote that we will ever be given that will secure liberty. There is no person we can elect that will return liberty to the people. Too many are dependent upon the way things are to go messing around with freedom. We saw in Wisconsin what happens in America when politicians try to do the right thing. They are mobbed and threatened by the moochers and parasites living off the carcass of liberty.

I write a lot about action. Those who have read my posts over the past several months and even years, know that I do not counsel that which I will not do. I do not pretend to make sacrifices and brag about my accomplishments. If I were not now actively engaged in what I am about to suggest, I would not put it forward for comment.

A few things have become completely clear to me over the past several months, things I always knew about myself, but they have now been confirmed and strengthened. 1) I am no leader; 2) I cannot prescribe actions for others; 3) I do not have the patience for political evolutions; 4) I am much too willing to be a martyr for my own good.

These facts have all come together to form a conclusion. It is time right now to start doing things. I have been contacted by the State of Colorado demanding that I explain Guardians of Liberty, to register it as a charity, or not and explain its role in politics. I maintain that Guardians of Liberty is a Delaware corporation and a private enterprise and I owe the government no explanation. This is going to get me into trouble. When and if I face a jury, which I hope to do, I am going to remind them something I am going to remind all of you about right now.

We are free people. We owe the government no allegiance that is not secured by their obedience to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is not just our founding document but a contract with the people. Where the government has broken the contract, it is in breach and deserves no loyalty. Where you extend loyalty to that corruption you might as well offer it to a king, or a Soviet-style troika. When a free people abide by a broken contract they become complicit in its destruction and I will not give my consent to that act.

If you want liberty from this corrupt government you have to take it. It will not be given back to you. You can take it by failing to cooperate with whatever imposition they would put you through, but it will cost you something. Liberty is not free. You can think about all of the bad things that are in store for this nation, but if you think liberty will be the outcome, you are wrong. Strength is built up, it is not summoned all at once. When the union thugs decided to take your paycheck, they did it through the government. What have you done to stop them? Do you know how many billions they have taken from you and laughed in your face when you pointed to the Tea Party? You have to stop them. It is your money, your children's money and you will watch the government's muscle take it without a fight?

I don't care what you do. I have already seen the heart of most Americans and it is disappointing. I will no longer abide by the illegalities of a corrupt and limitless government. In every case in which I am brought before the jury I will tell them that the government is is in violation of the Constitution but they can fulfill their obligation as a citizen by refusing to convict where it is obvious that the law in question is unconstitutional.

Jury nullification is the only means open to us as a form of peaceful resistance. But that takes some cases and some of us must become those cases. I will, I am.

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