Sunday, February 20, 2011

Obama Interferes in a State Matter

This is a new blog for me.  As I learn more about the Tenth Amendment, I become more dismayed at how the Federal Government has become more and more powerful.  A clear example resonates today in my home state of Wisconsin.

We are up to our collective you-know-whats in debt and taxes.  Wisconsin has always been a "quality of life" state.  We have a robust park system, on both a state and local level, schools have been (mostly) pretty good, though lately declining.  Roads are generally good and there is a wide social safety net.

The majority of the Wisconsin state budget contains two things:  employee compensation and aid to state schools.  They comprise well over 50% of the budget.  In November, we elected Scott Walker, former Milwaukee County Executive as Governor.  We elected him to fix the $3.6 billion hole we are in.  To do that, he must get compensation under control.  Call it Union Busting if you want.  It's not, but it's being called that.  I call it Common Sense.  Pay part of retirement and healthcare and collective bargaining ends for benefits and work rules.  Wisconsin has worker protection in Civil Service and has no need to duplicate it with a Union.

Enter the Tenth Amendment part.  The President is personally and through his proxies interfering in a state matter.  The President has no standing in this.  He is doing it to ensure union money continues to flow to Democrat coffers.  It is a clear violation of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution.  He has no right, no jurisdiction in this dispute.  It is purely a state matter.  The President and the Federal Government anre infringing on the sovereignty of the state of Wisconsin.


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  2. What's the status of things these days in WI? It seems to have dropped off the national radar since the reports that Dems were targeting Republicans for recall petitions. Are those things getting any traction? Are Republicans responding in kind with recall petitions for Democrats?